Up For Air Series 2019

Up For Air Series: Running & Climbing Up For Air
Feb 9 & 10, 2019

RUFA SLC 2019 

Running Up For Air SLC, Ogden, and Grandview, CO

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Climbing Up For Air SLC & Ogden

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Running Up For Air

Predawn start 2016 Andrew Burr

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Climbing Up For Air

Salt Lake City In Smog

CUFA 2018 The Front 400

Running up for Air (RUFA) is an endurance mountain challenge, and Climbing Up For Air is an endurance climbing challenge. Both are raising money and awareness for improving air quality in Utah. Participants of RUFA see how many times they can ascend a peak in a 6, 12, or 24 hour period. Participants of CUFA climb for 4 or 8 hours!

Your donation urges on these endurance athletes in their pursuit of ultimate physical achievement, mental breakthrough, and pristine air.

Over $25,000 has been raised since the event started, bringing air quality education to thousands of students from Logan to Provo--bettering the air in the years to come. 


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A special thank you to the staff of The Front Climbing Clubs, Team RUFA, all the participating athletes, and our forward-thinking sponsors:

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