We believe education -- in schools, in the community, and in the halls of the Capitol -- is the key to solving our air quality problems.
This website is designed to serve as a tool for self-education and educating the community at large. Through K-12 classroom education, information provided on the Wood Smoke Abatement, a description of how to access current air quality information, and explanations and status updates of specific Air Quality Legislation, we strive to support the community in being fully informed on air quality issues. By making education our first and foremost priority, we hope to engage our voting citizens and youths, and to inspire them to initiate positive air quality changes.

Our education program provides teachers with high quality lesson plans and activities for students grades kindergarten through high school. For more information on school programming and on what you can do to improve our air quality, please select from the links above.

 U of U Praxis Lab Intro to Air Pollution